We are committed to keeping you safe, active, and connected during the Covid-19 crisis. We offer online classes at all Alert levels, and will be running classes during Alert Level 2 & 1.

What to expect at Alert Level 2

We have created a weekly timetable adapted specifically to the government's recommendations during Alert Level 2. All classes will be available to book on a casual basis.
As the social distancing rule of 2 meters will apply at Level 2, we will have a "No Equipment Sharing" policy. Our aerial equipment and tumbling floor will be used on rotation (used by a single student only, once every 3 days) to minimize the risks of contamination. The class sizes will be dependent on the equipment we have available, and we will not offer aerial skills for kids and teens classes.
We will offer classes from age 8 and above.

What measures are in place to ensure social distancing?

As a community space, we take our responsibility seriously and will implement a number of measures to make social distancing possible.
Our class start and end times are staggered to avoid traffic in the entrance and bathrooms. We will have a front desk person present to give you directions when you arrive and take your information details for contact tracing.
During class, we will have "training islands" to delimit your training area. Our trainers will carefully plan their classes to avoid having to spot, as no physical contact will be allowed. 
As previously mentioned, our "No equipment sharing" policy will unfortunately limit the number of students who can train aerials each week. 
In Alert Level 2, there will be no Adagio and Duo Trapeze classes offered.

What should I bring to class?

To help our staff with the cleaning, we ask all students to bring a bag to place their personal belongings in, including shoes.
You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering the training floor. If possible, arrive and leave with your training clothes on.
Your personal belongings must be kept tidy on your "training island", including your water bottle.
Please bring a towel for your training. If you own any training equipment you wish to use in class, bring it! If you own aerial equipment, you are more than welcomed to use it (as long as you can prove that it is safe/has been inspected).
Bring a FULL water bottle. There will be no public access to the mezzanine to refill your bottle.

Can I wait at the Hub before a class or to pick someone up?

As much as possible, we request that you arrive within 15 minutes before your class start time, and leave within 10 minutes after your class ends. This is to ensure we avoid a lot of traffic between classes in the entrance. If you arrive earlier, consider waiting in your car if you can.
We would also appreciate if parents don't wait at the Hub during classes if they can. 
When picking someone up, we recommend you let the person know you have arrived, then wait for them outside.

Is Practice Club open?

Practice Club is now running again!
Please note that we have rules in place to respect social distancing while training, and cleaning procedures that all members must follow. During Alert Level 2, we will not take new members to Practice Club. 
For all the info, please head over to our Practice Club page

If I own my personal equipment, can I train aerials?

Yes! During Level 2, we encourage people to bring their own equipment to train. If you have your own aerial equipment, we might be able to add an extra spot for you in one of our classes, or even add an extra class on our schedule if enough students have their personal equipment.
If you are a Practice Club member, you will be able to train on your own apparatus (a supervisor will rig it for you).
We will soon be facilitating the purchase of some equipment. If you are interested in purchasing aerial equipment, please let us know by sending us an email, and we will let you know once it is available for purchase.

Can I book a private lesson?

Private lessons are now available again. Get in touch directly with your trainer to schedule a lesson.
Please note that all of the Circus Hub equipment is currently reserved for our classes, so it will not be available for private lessons.

Will the online classes still be available?

All of our Zoom classes will still be available to book once we reopen in Level 2. So if you need to self-isolate, or simply prefer to stay home, you can join one of our Zoom classes by enrolling on our booking system.
From Monday the 18th of May, we will be reducing the number of pre-recorded classes we will release each week on our Youtube channel. We will still be running our most popular classes, including our Family class for the little ones! 

Why can't I find the classes on Mindbody?

We are migrating onto a new booking system! All bookings are currently done directly on our website, using the Glofox booking system. If it is your first booking since this change, you will have to create your login.
For more information, visit the How-to-Book page.

Can I book a birthday party?

Our group bookings will be available again in a few weeks, once we feel comfortable with the new way we run our classes.
If you book a birthday party during Level 2, keep in mind that we may not be able to offer some circus skills, like aerials, during classes because of our "no equipment sharing" policy. Spaces available will also be limited, following the government's requirements around gatherings.

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