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Class Bookings  

Payment is required at the time of booking for all class bookings. Please note that we do not offer refund or credit for cancellation done by the client less than 24 hours before the class starts, or for no-show. Exceptions may be made if a cancellation was made to self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis. If this is the case, please contact the management team promptly. 

Classes are subject to availability. Once a class or term is full, you can add your name on the waitlist. You will be notified automatically if a spot opens up. If you are unable to attend a class you have enrolled in, please cancel your booking, as this will allow someone else to take your spot. 

Bookings close 3 hour before class. 

All decisions are at the discretion of the Circus Hub management, and may be subject to change. 

Course Bookings (Term enrollments) 

Payment is required at the time of booking for all course (term) bookings. Please note that we do not offer refunds, discounts or make-up classes if you are unable to attend all your selected classes once your course has begun, as we are unable to guarantee to refill your space in the class mid-way through a term and have already contracted our trainers for these pre-booked hours. We appreciate there is rarely a good reason to wish to cancel your remaining classes. 

Exceptions may occasionally be made in extraordinary circumstances, such as a recorded injury sustained during our classes. You must contact us promptly via email with full details. All decisions are at the discretion of the Circus Hub management, and may be subject to change. 

Please note that classes are subject to availability. Once a class is full, you can go on the waitlist and we will let you know if a spot becomes available. 

Drop-ins are available once a term has started at the single class fee. Booking must be made online in advance. 

Cancellations to course bookings 

Administrative fees apply to all cancellations.  Administrative fees start at $20. 

Refunds are available as below for cancellations made before the start of a course: 

  • A full refund, less fees, two weeks or more in advance, 

  • A 50% refund, less fees, one week or more in advance, 

  • A 25% refund, less fees, 24 hours (and at least one working day) or more in advance. 

Cancellation of Classes by The Circus Hub 

The Circus Hub reserves the right to cancel any class with low registration. Any class with fewer than 3 students registered once the booking window closed is subject to cancellation. This allows us to keep pricing down and to continue to bring you speciality/unique classes. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by email. A class credit will be added to your account for any classes that are cancelled by The Circus Hub. 

If a class in a course (term) must be cancelled due to unexpected trainer unavailability, a make-up class will be organised. If this is not possible or you are unable to attend the rescheduled class, a class credit will be added to your account on request.  

Please allow one business day for the administrative team to add your credit to your account. Note that there is an expiry date for any unused credit. You can see this by logging into you Glofox account. 

Credit Packs 

Payment is required at the time of purchase. Credit packs may be shared between 2 people of the same family on request. Please note that credit packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. We do not offer refunds for unused or expired credits. 

Class Fees and Payments 

Our prices are available on our website and booking system Glofox. Note that a payment process fee is included in the price of our classes and credit packs, which covers credit card fees, or an administrative fee to process other forms of payment (cash or bank transfer).  

Payment by credit card is available only for bookings and purchases made online through our booking system. Cash payments must be made through our Honesty Box. We do not have change, so please bring the exact amount. Payment by bank transfer must be received before we can confirm your enrollment. 

Payment made by bank transfer must be made to: 


Account Name: Wellington Circus Trust 
Account Number: 38-9004-0580146-00 
Reference: Student name, day of the class, name of class 


Casual Classes (single class enrollment): 

  • $27 for 1-hour classes (including Pre-School, Juniors, and Circus Fit) 

  • $37 for 1.5 hour (including Kids, Teens and Adults classes)  


Credit packs 

  • $200 for 10-class pass Pre-School and Juniors (valid only for 1-hour classes for kids under 7 years old) 

  • $290 for 10-class pass for Adults (valid for all 1.5-hour classes on our Adult timetable) 

  • $75 for 3-class pass for Circus Fit 

  • $110 for 5-class pass for Circus Fit 


Term classes 

  • Kids and Teens: $258/10-week term, or $232.20/9-week term. 

  • Preschool and Juniors: $186.50/10-week term, or $167.85/9-week term. 


We do not currently have credit packs available for Kids and Teens classes as they run as term courses. Drop-ins are available once a term has started (single class fee will apply). 


Cancelled classes due to Covid-19 Alert Level Changes 

In case of a change in the Covid-19 Alert Levels, we may modify, limit enrollments, or cancel classes as necessary. If classes are cancelled or you are required to self-isolate, you may request to receive one credit per class affected to be added onto your account. Please note that you must get in touch with us within 4 months from the date of the cancelled class to claim your credit. If your credit has not been claimed by the end of the 4 months period, we will consider it as a donation. 


Group bookings and Birthday Parties 

A 50% deposit is required for all parties, school and other groups to confirm the booking. Payment in full is required before the event. 

Pricing (for 1.5 hour) 

  • up to 8 students     1 Trainer      $200 (+GST) 

  • 9-16 students          2 Trainers    $325 (+GST) 

  • 17-24 students        3 Trainers    $450 (+GST) 

  • 25-32 students        4 Trainers    $575 (+GST) 

  • 33-40 students        5 Trainers    $700 (+GST) 


The mezzanine area is available for booking after the lesson for an extra $30/half-hour. 


Practice Club (open training) 

Practice Club (our open training) is available for registered members only. All members must have completed an enrollment form signed by a Practice Club Supervisor or Trainer.  

Full payment of membership is required before using the space. All members must sign in on our register on arrival (using the Glofox check-in kiosk).  

Practice Club is subject to availability of the space and trainers. Please note that for times offered outside of class times, we rely on trainers offering their time voluntarily, so we are unable to guarantee the schedule. You can find out the times available on the Practice Club Google calendar available on the Practice Club website. We do not offer refunds for unused membership. 

Practice Club members agree to adhere to the following rules when using the space: 

  • No training without the presence of a trainer or authorised supervisor in the space. 

  • Use mats with all aerial equipment. You must use a crashmat if going higher than 2 meters. 

  • Please be aware and respectful of other classes/workshops/events occurring in the space. 

  • Practice Club is not a space for learning/trying new things. Practice what you know. 

  • No teaching allowed between members. 

  • You are only allowed to train on apparatuses/disciplines you have been approved for. You will need to discuss additional disciplines/apparatuses with a trainer and be approved before training them in Practice Club. 

  • Ask a trainer to rig equipment for you. 

  • Please report any breakage or issues with equipment/rigging to the supervising trainer or the office. 

  • Report any injuries happening during Practice Club trainings to Practice Club Supervisor/trainer. 

  • Safety rules, and What-to-wear rules apply. 

  • Fees apply. 

  • Failure to comply with the rules of Practice Club will result in probation from Practice Club. 

Practice Club membership fees 

  • $12/day                Casual Practice Club one-off session 

  • $20/week             Weekly unlimited access to Practice Club 

  • $60/month           Monthly unlimited access to Practice  

  • $250/6 month      Six Months unlimited access to Practice Club 


Private Teaching 

Private lessons are organised directly by the trainer. You may book your lesson by talking to them directly, or by booking online on our booking system Glofox.  

The total cost of the private lesson includes the trainer fee and a space hire fee. If you book online, you will pay the space hire fee at the time of booking, and payment of the trainer fee must be arranged directly with the trainer. If you arrange your booking directly with the trainer, you must pay the full amount to the trainer (including space hire fee). Fees are set by the trainer, and paid directly to the trainer. 

The following prices are minimums (they include space hire fee):  

  • $75/hour for 1 student 

  • $60/hour/student for up to 2 students 

  • $50/hour/student for 3 students 


Room & Equipment Hire 

Rates depend on time and day.  Starting rates are: 

  • $80/hr +GST for full floor space (no equipment included) 

  • $40/hr +GST for shared space (no equipment included, using less than 33% of the floor area) 

  • +$20/hr +GST for Equipment hire (by suitably qualified & experienced users only)  

Terms & Conditions

Updated: January 2021 

Our Health and Safety Commitment Statement  

At the Circus Hub we believe that no serious harm should come to anyone visiting, working, or participating in activities at the Hub.


We are committed at all levels of our organisation to achieving this by: 

1.  Leading safe circus practice 

  • Promoting safety and safe practices to all participants. 

  • Structuring class activities to ensure a safe progression of learning. 

  • Supervising class participation to ensure safe practices are followed. 

2.  A safe and healthy environment 

  • Providing a safe and healthy environment for all participants, visitors and workers. 

  • Ensuring the identification and assessment of hazards in the Circus Hub and managing these to as low a risk of harm as is reasonably practicable 

  • Ensuring that regular safety checks and maintenance are performed on all equipment 

  • Ensuring adequate plans, procedures and training are in place to deal with all emergencies. 


Class participants (and their family, whanau or caregivers): All course/class participants are responsible for ensuring their own safety and that of others by following The Circus Hub health and safety protocols and Code of Conduct.

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