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Privacy Policy

Last updated July 2021

At the Circus Hub, we recognize that when you attend our facility, you are trusting us with not only your personal safety, but also with your information. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is respected and that your information is secure.  


This privacy policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect the information that you share with us, and how we protect that information.  

Information we collect and how we use it 

We collect personal information in order to allow people to use the Circus Hub safely and provide access to and information about our training and other activities. 

Specifically, we collect and use the following data: 

  • Name, contact Information, age, record of interactions and billing information: To ensure enrollment into the appropriate classes and for administrative processes. For children under 18 this also includes information about their guardian. 

  • Date of Birth and Emergency and family contact information: We collect emergency contact information for each student in the case of an emergency involving any student.  

  • Pre-existing medical condition or injury: We collect this information to ensure that our trainers adapt their classes appropriately to keep all participants safe. 

  • Photos & videos: occasionally we take video/photos of participants at the Circus Hub to use for marketing or training purposes.  

  • Aggregated data: This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our site. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided. 

Email Marketing 

With your permission, we may also use your personal information including name and email address for our email marketing. You may opt out of the mailing list at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link on the bottom of the newsletter, or by sending us an email at

Promotional Imagery 

Consent will always be requested before taking photos or videos during our classes and activities that we may use for promotional purposes. 


The Circus Hub has installed CCTV cameras in plain sight, in the main training areas, the entrances, the seating/bag areas, and office. There is no CCTV in the toilets or changing areas. 

The cameras record 24/7 with motion flagging. Their primary purpose is to review Health & Safety incidents after they occur. Recordings may be referenced when theft or damage has occurred. They may also be used for reviews of how to achieve the most effective use of the Circus Hub space. 

Older recordings are automatically deleted when expired. Off-site copies may be made and viewed where incidents are noted or suspected. Digital copies may be kept to be available for evidence, as required to Worksafe, the Police, and similar.   

Recordings made by the CCTV system are not shared publicly for sales or marketing purposes. They may however be used at the discretion of the Wellington Circus Trust where incidents have occurred, such as in cases of a criminal investigation. 

Sharing your personal information 

Besides our staff, we share this information with: 

  • a booking service provider in order to maintain our booking and payments systems 

  • email provider in order to undertake marketing activities 

  • law enforcement agencies in order to support relevant investigations  


These organisations are also subject to certain obligations with regard to the security of your personal data as processed via their systems.  

We will never lease, distribute, rent or sell your personal information unless we have your permission.  

Information Storage and Security 
Personal Information 

We keep your information safe by storing it in a secure cloud storage system or in locked storage in our premises. Staff may only access this information when it is relevant to their role.  

Debit/Credit Card/Payment Information 

The Circus Hub does not store credit card information; however, we are partnered with the booking service Glofox, which gives clients the option to store credit card information for future purposes.  

Here is a link to their privacy policy information: 

How long we keep your information 

As a rule, we hold onto information about individuals who have participated in activities at the Circus Hub. We delete information when asked to do so unless required by law to retain it or to support our health and safety practices. 

Access to your information 

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong.  

If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact us at, or 04 380 0051, or visit us at the Hub, 11 Hutchison Rd, Newtown. 

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