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Code of Conduct

The Circus Hub is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and positive environment for all its staff and space users, by placing their health, safety and wellbeing at the centre of our decision-making, policies and practices.

By entering The Circus Hub or participating in any activities offered by The Circus Hub, all staff, space users or visitors including students, parents, volunteers and clients, agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct, and to play their part in building a positive culture for the Circus Hub’s community.


The Circus Hub is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We celebrate diversity and strive to provide a space that is accessible for all. We offer a space free of physical, sexual, and mental harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence.

At the Circus Hub, play your part by:

  • making everyone feel welcome in the space, no matter what their origin, culture, race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or abilities are

  • Being sensitive to other cultures

  • Being aware of other people’s personal boundaries.

  • Avoiding any discriminatory behaviour or comments

  • Ensuring that physical contact with fellow students or training partners is consensual.

  • Ensuring that your actions makes people feel safe and comfortable at the Hub.

We expect all staff, users and visitors to play their part in creating an inclusive environment respectful of the personal boundaries of others. Behaviors that don’t respect this principle will not be tolerated.


The Circus Hub commits to treating every individual fairly, respectfully and in a professional manner, both on the training floor and through our policies and processes.

As a space user or visitor, you are expected to:

  • Respect others in the space

    • Avoid gossiping and making inappropriate comments

    • Maintaining good personal hygiene

    • No arguing or fighting

    • Don’t laugh at others

    • Avoid behaviours or actions that are harmful for others

    • Respect other people’s personal space when they are training (avoiding distracting others if they are in the middle of their training)


  • Respect the trainers and staff

    • Follow their instructions in class

    • Respect their decisions

    • Take their constructive feedback positively


  • Respect the space, installation and equipment by:

    • using it in the appropriate way

    • putting it back where it belongs after use

    • avoiding behaviour that may damage the equipment

    • storing your personal belongings at the right place

    • cleaning up after yourself (equipment, belongings, dishes, rubbish)

    • Not using the rigging equipment if you are not authorized to use it


  • Respect the rules:

    • In class

    • During practice club

    • While in the waiting areas


The Circus Hub is committed to offering a safe environment for the practice of circus arts, , by adhering to high teaching standards, ensuring that the equipment and installations are safe, and managing risks responsibly

Act safely for yourself and others by being ready and alert at all times:

  • Be Ready:

    • Plan ahead by enrolling in advance and make sure you understand the class requirements and prerequisites

    • Be punctual. Please note that you may not be able to participate in your class if you arrive ≥15 min late.

    • Wear appropriate clothing for training (no zips/buttons/safety pins). Please wear a shirt at all time unless it’s a matter of safety during training)

    • Remove jewellery or cover piercings that can’t be removed

    • Cover any wounds you may have

    • Don’t train under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol

    • Let your trainer know of any pre-existing injuries or conditions you may have.

    • Avoid training if you are feeling overly distracted or emotional, or tired.


  • Being Alert:

    • Listen to your trainer’s instructions

    • Be careful and aware of other people training on the floor and in the air

    • Assist your fellow students or training partner if they need help

    • Use appropriate safety equipment while training

    • Use the equipment for the purpose it is intended for

    • Let staff know if you notice any dangerous behavior, or broken or damaged equipment

    • Let staff know if you notice someone getting injured, or if you hurt yourself.

    • Follow the floor safety manager’s instructions in case of emergency.

Positive training environment

We care about our community and wish for all to benefit from practicing circus arts. We promote a positive training culture, where everyone learns to push their limits in a healthy way, and to increase their resilience and perseverance while respecting their limits and those of others.

Be an active participant in our positive training culture by:

  • Encouraging each other and celebrating everyone’s successes, small or big

  • Collaborating and sharing with others

  • Promoting a healthy culture of positive body image

  • Keeping in mind that circus takes practice, and that we don’t always succeed from our first try; perseverance, consistency and determination are key

  • Growing your body and mental awareness to recognize when you should or shouldn’t train

  • Looking after your fellow students or training partners and respecting their limits.

  • Making sure to look after yourself, taking care of injuries you may have, and taking rest days

  • Offering constructive feedback when appropriate

  • Encouraging artistic and acrobatic risk taking within safe perimeters.

  • Remembering that circus is fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously no matter how passionate you are.

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