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You can start circus at any age! Find out more info about our classes here, and which class is most suitable for you or your child. 

Ready to give it a go? Check out our Intro offer to try 3 classes for only $50!

Our classes are split into 2 main programmes: our general circus classes for kids and teens, and our speciality classes for adults

We also offer other activities, such as our popular school holiday programme, and our exciting birthday parties and groups bookings (including team-building workshops, and school bookings). 

We offer many circus skills in our classes, including aerials, acrobatics, balancing, juggling, contortion, etc. Our classes are a great way to improve fitness while doing something fun, exciting, and creative. Join us if you want join an inclusive and supportive community where you can safely and gradually push your boundaries. Find out more info about the different circus skills below.

Classes for Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens

Classes for kids & teens are general circus classes so the students get to learn and practice every circus skills. All classes include a guided warm-up followed by some time to build foundational skills such as acrobatics and handstands. Students will then get to learn tricks and practice various apparatuses including aerials. There is also a lot of time to get creative through stage performance exercises. There is a perfect mix of a regular training routine to improve skills, with plenty of variety to keep things exciting and interesting. 

How enrollments work

Classes run on a term basis for youth. To enroll, head over to the Kids & Teens page, and book into the class of your choice on the first day of the term. Make sure to add your child as a family member on your profile before you book. 


Once a term starts, drop-ins will be available at the single class rate. Please book in advance online.

We also have credit packs available (10-trips) for Preschool and Juniors classes.
(pricing is available on the kids & teens page).

Age groups

3 to 4 years old: Preschool

4 to 7 years old: Juniors

8 to 12 years old: Kids

13 to 18 years old: Teens

From 8 years old and above (kids and teens), classes are streamed by level of experience (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Trainers will notify you once your child is ready to move up to the next level.

If your child has prior experience such as dance or gymnastics, get in touch with us to choose the appropriate level for them. We do recommend to start from a beginner level to acquire the basics that are specific to circus arts. 

Most classes run between 3.30pm and 6pm on weekdays, and also on Sunday morning. We have daytime classes for Preschoolers. Our timetable is available on the kids & teens page.

Check out our Intro offer if you would like to try a few classes before committing to a term. 

Classes for Adults


Our Adults' classes are specialty classes, so you can pick and choose the skill that you want to learn. We do not run general circus classes (with all circus skills in a single class) for adults, except for Sage Circus (for women over 50 years old). All classes are 1.5 hour long.

No need to be a gymnast or have superhuman strength to start circus! Our classes are designed to guide you through all the basics and gradually help you to improve your strength and flexibility along the way. 

We have 2 introductory classes available to give you an initiation and help you choose what you would like to train: Aerial Fundamentals and Acro Fundamentals. If you are new to circus, please enroll in one (or both) or them first. We strongly recommend following them prior to joining our Beginner classes. Your trainer will be happy to offer you advice on the best class for you to enroll in next.

Aerial Fundamentals gives you an overview of the aerial skills: trapeze, aerial silks, aerial hoop (lyra).

Acro Fundamentals goes over the basics of ground-based skills: tumbling, hand balancing, partnered-acrobatics (adagio). Scroll down if you would like to find out more about what the different circus skills are.

Circus Fit and Get Bendy

Circus Fit is a fitness class where circus skills are used to train cardio, strength and flexibility. Add it to your schedule if you want to improve faster in your circus class. It is also a great option if you're simply looking for an exciting alternative to the gym. Circus Fit is a 1-hour class.

Our Get Bendy class is a stretching class designed to help you develop your flexibility to allow you to improve faster in your skills and prevent training injuries. Also 1 hour long, the class is scheduled after a Circus Fit class. Participation in both classes back to back makes it a fantastic 2-hour full-body training, guaranteed to give your great results!


Recommended Pathway

1) Start with one or two classes of Aerial Fundamentals and/or Acro Fundamentals.
You can also choose to start with our Circus Fit class or Get Bendy.

2) Book a beginner or open-level class of your choice. Feel free to try different skills!

- Beg Tissus (silks)

- Beg Trapeze

- Beg Aerial Hoop (lyra)

- Beg Rope

- Beg Tumbling

- Beg Adagio (partnered-acrobatics)

- Hand balancing

- Contortion

Want to improve your fitness so you can progress faster? Add a Circus Fit class or Get Bendy to your schedule!

3) Talk to your trainer to know if you are ready to move up to the next level once you feel comfortable with the content of the lesson. More classes are available once you reach an intermediate level in aerials, such as:

- Duo trapeze

- Beg Aerial straps

- Dance trapeze

Need more help? Check out our handy class map!

How enrollments work

Classes for adults run on a casual basis. There are no term bookings, so you can start anytime in the year. You must enroll in each class you wish to attend by booking online at least 3 hours before your class.

Classes for adults are available from 16 years old and above. 

We have 10-class packs available for purchase. Credits are valid for all 1.5 hour class on our Adults timetable.

A separate credit pack is available for Circus Fit (1-hour class). 

INTRO OFFER Try 3 classes for $50! Perfect for trying our Aerial and Acro Fundamentals, and following it with a beginner or open-level class of your choice.

What to wear

Bring comfy stretchy clothes, and ideally fitted. Shorts or tights, and a T-shirt or singlet is perfect. It is a good idea to bring a long sleeve top and longer tights or long socks with you just in case, so you can cover your skin for certain tricks that might require more protection (especially for aerials). Classes are done barefoot or with socks on.

It gets a bit cold in the Hub in winter, so bring an extra layer for your warm-up and cool-down.

Make sure your clothes don't have zips, button or safety pins for your safety, and as they can damage our equipment.

Please remove any jewellery for your class. We may ask you to cover any piercings that can't be removed. Remember to bring a hair tie if you have long hair. 

School Holiday Programme


Our school holiday programme is very popular with kids, and we have many students coming back each holidays. The programme runs most weekdays during the holidays, from 9am to 3pm. It is perfect for kids and teens, starting from 5 years old.

Each day is a bit different as the trainers will include various circus skills to the programme. There is always at least one aerial apparatus offered each day (but often more). There will also be lots of different creative activities and games each day, such as creating a circus show. We provide a safe, inclusive and positive training environment for your kids to learn in and have fun. Scroll down to see a list of all the circus skills that we can teach at the Circus Hub.

Enrollments are $68 per child per day, and can be made online. Make sure to add your child to your profile on our booking system before booking them in, especially is you are enrolling more than one child.

Drop-off is available from 8.30am.


Birthday Parties and Group Bookings

A Circus party is a fun and original way to celebrate a birthday or other special event. The bookings are 1.5 hour long and include a variety of circus skill. If you have a favourite skill, our trainers will be more than happy to add it to your class. We have a simple booking process and timeslots available for bookings on our website.

We are able to take bookings for:

- birthday parties (kids and adults)

- hens parties

- team-building workshops

- school bookings (outreach or at the Hub)

- staff parties

Do you have something else in mind? Talk to us about it!

We also offer lessons for people with disabilities or at-risk. Talk to us for more info.

Circus skills

What are the different circus skills taught at the Circus Hub?



Also called Aerial Silks. Tissus (French for fabric) is a vertical apparatus made of fabric that is used for climbing. In the class, you will learn different types of climbs, ways to wrap yourself in it, and practice slides and drops. 

Watch a video here


A trapeze is an aerial apparatus made of two ropes and a horizontal metal bar. There are different types of trapeze skills:

Fixed trapeze 

Also called Static Trapeze. Fixed trapeze hangs from 2 rigging points and is usually set at a fixed height. More stable, it can be used to practice more dynamic skills.

Watch a video here

Swinging trapeze 

A single trapeze hangs from 2 points. Swinging trapeze is like a giant swing that can be used to perform spectacular tricks high up in the air. (note that we do not currently offer swinging trapeze at the Hub). 

Watch a video here

Dance trapeze

Hanging from a single point, a dance trapeze is often used closer to the ground to mix dance elements like spinning. It often involves lots of wraps in the ropes.

Watch a video here

Duo trapeze 

A fixed trapeze used by 2 people at the same time, to create interesting intertwined choreography, and exciting lifts and catches.

Watch a video here

Aerial Hoop

Also called Lyra, or Cerceau (French for hoop). An aerial hoop is a circular metal bar, often hanging from a rope. Great for tricks showcasing flexibility, and rolls. Like dance trapeze, it is often used closer to the ground for spins and swings, and dance choreography.

Watch a video here

Aerial Rope

Also called Corde Lisse (French for rope). Rope is a vertical apparatus similar to tissus. As it is less stretchy than a tissus, more dynamic skills can be performed, such as beats and catches.

Watch a video here

Aerial Straps

Straps are made of 2 handloops hanging from one rigging point. They are mainly used to perform tricks that require strength (similar to rings in gymnastics).

Watch a video here


Hand Balancing

The art of balancing on your hands (or on your head). Sometimes, handstands are performed on chairs (chair stacking) or hand balancing canes. Some performers also mix contortion in handstand.

Watch a video here


Also called Floor Acrobatics. In circus arts, floor acrobatics expands on the floor skills in gymnastics to also includes "soft acro", which incorporates dance to create smooth and flowy acrobatics. In our classes, we teach drills to progress towards somersaults and handsprings, as well as soft acrobatics.

Watch a video here


The traditional art of body bending. Performers use their flexibility to create impressive and original choreography. It often incorporates hand balancing. In our classes, we teach our students all the basics to build flexibility and strength to safety practice contortion. Beginners are welcome!

Watch a video here


Juggling can be practiced with a variety of objects, such as balls, clubs, diabolos, rings, scarves, cigar boxes, staff, etc. It is also often mixed with balancing on objects which is called Equilibristics, like tightwire, rola-bola, or globe. 

Watch a video here

Hula Hoop

Hula hoop is a type of manipulation skill. Hoops are used for spins, rolls, throws, isolations, etc. 

Watch a video here


Also called Hand-to-Hand or Partnered-acrobatics. This circus skill is practiced in pairs or in bigger groups and involves lifting, carrying, and balancing each other's body weight. There are various types of hand-to-hand depending on the size of the group, or type of tricks (for example, slow/controlled skills and counter-balancing, vs dynamic skills).

Watch a video here

Chinese Pole

A Chinese pole is a vertical pole covered in rubber that is used for climbing and performing acrobatics. In some case, it can be hung from a rigging point (swinging pole). (Please note that we do not currently offer Chinese pole).

Watch a video here

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