Are you a professional performer and/or workshop leader travelling through Wellington?  It would great to run one-off classes with your during your visit. 

We often have visiting performers run one-off workshops at the Circus Hub whilst passing through for festivals / shows and events.

We generally advertise these workshops through our email newsletter, main Facebook pages, blog, posters at the Circus Hub, and more.


While you're in the area, you're also welcome to make use of the incredible training space we have available.  Please view details about our Practise Club for more information.


We also host the training space for Te Auaha during the daytimes, as part of their full time circus diploma & degree program.  Please check the option below for them to be in contact directly.


So that we can best prepare for your visit, please complete the following Q&As.  We can then confirm the most likely date(s) and time(s) for your workshop(s).

Please copy and paste the text below, and send this in an email to

1) What name are you know by?


2) What are your doing in Wellington during your visit?  (Ie performing with Fringe, travelling around NZ, on tour with Cirque...)


3) What's your most popular workshop you'd like to teach at the Circus Hub?


4) Are their any restrictions to who can enrol?  (I.e. minimal requirements or abilities, age range, etc.)


5) What other workshop may you be available to run too?


6) How many one-off workshops would you like to run at the Circus Hub during your visit?


7) Dates you'll be in Wellington (from and to):


8) The majority of our adult students prefer evening and weekend workshops. Some people may be available during the weekday daytimes.  Are there particular days / times you can or can't do?  Please describe, so we can try to organise something around this.


9) We normally limit student numbers to 3-8 students per teacher, and this is typically for a 90 minute workshop.  Is this suitable for you too?

[ Yes / No ]

If not, please describe your preferred class size and workshop length:


10) What would be your fee per student for the workshop (assuming 3-8 students per 90 minute workshop.  
If you would rather a different workshop length, please add that pricing too):


(The Circus Hub will then need to add something on top of this to help cover our own costs, typically $10-$20 per student)


11) Please add some marketing copy / text (around 300-500 words), talking about yourself and your background, experience, etc.  to be used in the marketing of your workshop(s).


12) Please link to, or attach, 1-3 publicity images we can use for marketing your workshop online.


13) Please link to your video showreel (if available)


14) Please link to your website / Performer page (if available)


15) If you would you like these details to also be shared with the full time circus training program, so that the program Director can be in contact directly to potentially arrange further workshops with their students, please let us know.

16) Your name:

17) Your preferred contact email:

18) Your NZ phone number (if available):

Thank you so much.  We look forward to being in contact with you soon.

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