The Circus Hub has a very hardworking voluntary board behind the scenes working to ensure the trust is meeting its aims and achieving what it should be! Meet our board members.

Katherine Biggs

Kathrine Biggs  joined the Board in 2014. She stumbled upon the Women’s Circus in Newtown (Wellington) about 13 years ago. Since then she has seen the growth of circus in Wellington thanks to many dedicated people. While being physically unsuited to virtually everything circus she has had fun and provided motivation to her fellow students as they outstrip her skill level in a short time! She has a strong interest in the development of New Zealand flavoured physical theatre and circus.Her day job is Programme Manager with the NZ Aid Programme. She also sings, at which she has more aptitude than circusing…


Tanya Drewery

Tanya Drewery is an experienced circus professional who has worked in New Zealand and internationally in various roles including performer, creative director, producer, choreographer, and teacher. Her current work includes working as puppeteer and creature mover for film, designing art installations, and working as a youth worker and mentor for Barnados. After a long association with WCT as a trainer and associate of WCT, Tanya is now pleased to be able to contribute expertise in circus industry and training at the governance level.

Jason Parlour

Jason first became involved as a student at the Circus Hub in Wellington in 2014. In July 2017 he became the General Manager, until February 2019 when he stepped down as GM to take up a daytime role with the movie industry.  However, wanting to continue support of the activities and community offered by the Circus Hub, Jason became a trustee with the board from February 2019 onwards.

Kate Mills

Coral Ann Laughton

Nick Creech

Zane Jarvie

inspiring passion for circus arts