Cancelled classes due to lock-down

Unfortunately, the end of term 1 was cancelled because of the national lockdown. These classes do not automatically roll over, and credits have not automatically been added to your account.

If you are in a position to consider your cancelled classes as a donation to the Hub, it will be hugely appreciated.

However, we understand that many will be affected by this situation, and we have a few options to offer. 


We can offer:

- a free casual per class cancelled or credit on your account

- reimbursement

To claim your classes, it is essential that you get in touch with us as soon as you can, so we can transfer the credits on your account.

If your credit or classes have not be claimed by 30 June 2020, they will be considered as donated.

Terms and conditions

Payment is required at the time of booking for all classes. Please note that we do not offer refund or credit for cancellation done less than 24 hours before the class starts, and for no-show. Exceptions may be made if a cancellation was made to self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis. If this is the case, please contact the management team promptly.

All decisions are at the discretion of the Circus Hub management, and may be subject to change.

Please note that classes are subject to availability, once a class is full, you can add your name on the waitlist. You will be notified automatically if a spot opens up. If you are unable to attend your class, please cancel your booking, as this will allow someone else to take your spot.

Bookings close 3 hour before class.

Class Fees and other Pricing

Our prices are all available on our website and booking system Glofox. Note that we have an additional payment processing fee added to the price of all of our classes since we have changed our credit card processing company (previously EziDebit, now Stripe). Stripe will not be adding extra fees on top of our price, so the amount that you see on our system is the price that will show on your bank statement. The payment processing fee are added to all types of payments, including cash and bank transfers.

During Alert Level 2, our classes are only available to book individually (no term classes). You must re-enrol for each class. Please note that we do not offer classes to kids under 8 years old at this stage, as well as group bookings.

Casual Classes:

  • $25 for 1 hour classes (Circus Fit) + $1 Payment processing fee

  • $35 for 1.5 hour (Kids, Teens and Adults) + $2 Payment processing fee

Zoom Classes:

$15 per person (1 hour) + $1 Payment processing fee

Credit packs

We offer 10-trip cards which gives the same discount per class as booking into a term course. Credit packs are valid for 4 months from the date of purchase. Credits will be valid for casual classes during Alert Level 1 and 2

  • 10-trip for 1.5 hour classes: $280 + $10 payment processing fee

  • 10-trip for circus fit: $190 + 7$ payment processing fee

Room & Equipment Hire

Rates depend on time and day.  Starting rates are:

  • $80/hr +GST for full floor space (no equipment included)

  • $40/hr +GST for shared space (no equipment included, using less than 33% of the floor area)

  • +$20/hr +GST for Equipment hire (by suitably qualified & experienced users only)

Private Teaching (GST Inclusive)

The total cost of the private lesson include the trainer fee + a space hire fee

Bookings can be made through the website. A $20 space hire fee must be paid at the time of booking. 

Trainer fees are paid directly to the trainer and set by trainer.

The following prices are minimums: 

  • $75/hr for 1 student

  • $60/hour/student for up to 2 students

  • $45/hour/student for 3+ students (Total $

Private Group/Party Hire (1.5 hours)

Please note that we do not offer group bookings during Alert Level 2.

  • up to 8 students     1 Trainer      $200 (+GST)

  • 9-16 students          2 Trainers    $325 (+GST)

  • 17-24 students        3 Trainers    $450 (+GST)

  • 25-32 students        4 Trainers    $575 (+GST)

  • 33-40 students        5 Trainers    $700 (+GST)

Practice Club Rates (GST Inclusive)

  • $12/day                Casual Practice Club one-off session

  • $20/week              Weekly Unlimited access to Practice Club

  • $60/month           Monthly Unlimited access to Practice 

  • $250/6 month      Six Months Unlimited access to Practice Club

Cancellation of classes

The Circus Hub reserves the right to cancel any class with low registration. If we have to cancel a class due to unexpected trainer unavailability, the trainer will organise a make-up class.  If this is not possible, a refund will be provided for the class.


Our Health and Safety Commitment Statement: 

At The Circus Hub we believe that no serious harm should come to anyone visiting, working, or participating in activities at the Hub.


We are committed at all levels of our organisation to achieving this by:


1.  Leading safe circus practice

Promoting safety and safe practices to all participants.

Structuring class activities to ensure a safe progression of learning.

Supervising class participation to ensure safe practices are followed.


2.  A safe and healthy environment

Providing a safe and healthy environment for all participants, visitors and workers.

Ensuring the identification and assessment of hazards in the Circus Hub and managing these to as low a risk of harm as is reasonably practicable

Ensuring that regular safety checks and maintenance are performed on all equipment

Ensuring adequate plans, procedures and training are in place to deal with all emergencies.

Class participants (and their family, whanau or caregivers): All course/class participants are responsible for ensuring their own safety and that of others by following The Circus Hub health and safety protocols and code of conduct. 

This includes:


Show respect for your trainer and your classmates.

This includes

  • Arriving for your class on time.

  • Being encouraging of others.

  • Not making fun of anyone.

  • Not arguing or fighting.

  • Not doing anything that could hurt someone else.


This includes  

  • Stopping an activity immediately when asked to do so.

  • Asking a trainer’s permission before entering the training space. No one is allowed on the floor until the trainer says it is ok.

  • Asking a trainer’s permission before using any equipment. No one is allowed to use any equipment until trainer says it is ok. d. Leaving a training area when asked.



  • Wear the right clothes  

  • Don’t wear any jewellery and cover any piercings that can’t be removed.

  • Only do activities you have been taught to do by the trainer.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if someone gets hurt (no matter how minor)

  • Cover any pre-existing cuts or open wounds.

  • Tell the trainer about any injuries, illness or condition you have that may limit your ability to do any activity.

  • Do not participate in activities if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.


  • Only using equipment for the purpose(s) it is intended for.

  • Always use the safety equipment that the trainer tells you to.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if any equipment gets damaged.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if anything looks dangerous (like it can hurt anyone), worn out or broken.

  • No food or drinks on the training floor.

  • No dogs or pets in the Hub.

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