Worried about keeping up your fitness and strength between terms? Have no fear!

We're adding lots of workshops and classes at the moment, so please keep checking the booking page over the next few days for the latest options.

Please note that we always need a minimum number of students for a class to go ahead.  Please therefore book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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A one hour class, uses different circus equipment and apparatuses to strengthen the body.

Stretch for Circus

A 1.5 hour flexibility training class for the ultimate beginner and up. It's a class that teaches active and passive stretches that can be attempted by any level in order to improve your Circus skills. Knowing how to take care of your muscle recovery is very important in this sort of training, and with the hot weather this is a great chance to take advantage of the background warmth and gain further range of movement. 

Flexibility & Conditioning

This 1.5 hour class is conditioning class using bodyweight, stretchy bands, balance and active stretching to get the body working towards a strong range of motion and prehabilitation. 

Intensive Workshops

We have workshops of almost all things Circus so you can try out a skill that interests you or build on one you are already passionate about.

In this timetable, conditioning and stretch classes will also be provided.  


Intensive workshops are normally only a few sessions long, rather than our regular 9 week term.


Open Training Aerials & Open Training Hand-balance / Tumbling / Adagio

These open training sessions are a combination of Practise Club and a regular class. Everyone will start at the same time, warm up, condition, and cool down as a group.  However you can book just the one class at a time.

Within the session time, people can train what they want to on their preferred apparatus, as long as it is safe and already learned. If there's something new you want to learn, the trainer may be avaialble for a limited time for one-to-one, or as a group. Otherwise the trainer will casually work with each student and provide guidance, make suggestions or give advice about their training and what they're working on at the moment.

The Open Supported sessions are not for absolute beginners, but for students having already completed previous classes at the Circus Hub. The Circusfit and Stretch classes however can be for beginners, although all levels will benefit.

The teachers are all professionals who are experienced with the skills in the session focus, so it's a chance to continue to make progress for the new year. 

Price Options for Open Supported Training & Summer Classes

  • Single pass: $25.00.  

  • Double pass: 10% off ($22.50 per class). Use the promotional code "double-pass" at checkout.

  • Triple pass or more: 20% savings ($20 per class when you book 3 or more).  Use the promotional code "triple-pass" at checkout.

​All our classes have minimum and maximum numbers, and as such, classes may be cancelled up to on the day of the class if we don't get sufficient numbers, therefore please book as soon as you can to ensure the class can proceed.  We will try to get in contact via email and phone, but please revisit the booking page to reconfirm before making a special trip to the Circus Hub.

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