Terms and conditions

Payment is required at the time of booking for all courses and classes. A 50% deposit is required for all parties, school and other groups to confirm the booking.  Payment in full is required before the event.


Please note that we do not offer refunds, discounts or make-up classes if you are unable to attend all your selected classes once your course has begun.  We are unable to refill your space in the class mid-way through a term, and have already contracted to teaching hours and hire of the space.  We appreciate there is rarely a good reason to wish to cancel your remaining classes. 


Exceptions may occasionally be made in extraordinary circumstances, such as a recorded injury sustained during our classes.  You must contact us promptly via email with full details. All decisions are at the discretion of the Circus Hub management, and may be subject to change.

Please note that classes are subject to availability, once a class is full, you can go on the waitlist and we will let you know if a spot becomes available. 

Class Fees and other Pricing

We try to keep our pricing clear in all the relevant pages and workshop details, and you will be confirmed the price of each booking at the time time of enrolment within the MindBody booking system. 

Otherwise, in general the pricing is as follows: 
(updated May 2018), the next update will be in January 2020:

Casual class Rates

(where directly pre-arranged with the specific teacher in advance, you cannot just turn up on the day)

  • $20 for 45-60 minute Classes : Preschool 45min, Juniors 1hr, Adults 1hr

  • $30 1.5 hour Kids, Teens and Adults

Term Prices for the whole term (saving % off casual rate)

  • Preschool 45min (3-4 years)    $117    for 9 weeks      [$104 for 8 weeks] = $13 per class (35%)

  • Juniors 1 hour  (5-7 years)       $135   for 9 weeks       [$120 for 8 weeks] = $15 per class (25%)

  • Kids & Teens 1.5 hour (8-16+) $198    for 9 weeks      [$176 for 8 weeks] = $22 per class (27%)

  • Adults 1 hour                             $153    for 9 weeks      [$136 for 8 weeks] = $17 per class (15%)

  • Adult 1.5 hour                            $225    for 9 weeks      [$200 for 8 weeks] = $25 per class (17%)

Room & Equipment Hire

Rates depend on time and day.  Starting rates are:

  • $80/hr +GST for full floor space (no equipment included)

  • $40/hr +GST for shared space (no equipment included, using less than 33% of the floor area)

  • +$20/hr +GST for Equipment hire (by suitably qualified & experienced users only)

Private Teaching (GST Inclusive)

Trainer fees are paid directly to the trainer and set by trainer with the following minimums: 

  • $75/hr for 1 student

  • $60/hour/student for up to 2 students

  • $45/hour/student for 3+ students

Private Group/Party Hire (1.5 hours)

  • up to 8 students     1 Trainer      $180 (+GST)

  • 9-16 students          2 Trainers    $300 (+GST)

  • 17-24 students        3 Trainers    $420 (+GST)

  • 25-32 students        4 Trainers    $540 (+GST)

  • 33-40 students        5 Trainers    $660 (+GST)

Practice Club Rates (GST Inclusive)

  • $12 waged [$10 unwaged]                                 Casual Practice Club one-off session

  • $20/wk waged [$15/wk unwaged]                    Weekly Unlimited access to Practice Club

  • $60/4 wks waged [$50/4 wks unwaged]          Four Weeks Unlimited access to Practice 

  • $100/8 wks waged [$85/8 wks unwaged]        Eight Weeks Unlimited access to Practice Club

  • $250/6mth waged [$220/6mth unwaged]       Six Months Unlimited access to Practice Club

  • $450/yr waged [$400/yr unwaged]                   One Year Unlimited access to Practice Club


Cancellations to course bookings

Administrative fees apply to all cancellations.  Administrative fees start at $20.

 Please note the expiry date for any unused credit, you can see this by logging into your MindBody account.


Refunds are available as below before the start of a course

  • A full refund, less fees, two weeks or more in advance

  • A 50% refund, less fees, one week or more in advance

  • A 25% refund, less fees, 24 hours (and at least one working day) or more in advance


Cancellation of classes

The Circus Hub reserves the right to cancel any class with low registration. Any class with fewer than 3 students registered 24 hours before the start of the class is subject to cancellation.  This allows us to keep pricing down and allows us to continue to bring you speciality/unique classes. Please check emails prior to class for any changes. If students have already prepaid you will be given a refund or a credit towards another class or series. 

If we have to cancel a class due to unexpected trainer unavailability, the trainer will organise a make-up class.  

If this is not possible, a refund will be provided for that portion of the term fee.



Our Health and Safety Commitment Statement: 

At The Circus Hub we believe that no serious harm should come to anyone visiting, working, or participating in activities at the Hub.


We are committed at all levels of our organisation to achieving this by:


1.  Leading safe circus practice

Promoting safety and safe practices to all participants.

Structuring class activities to ensure a safe progression of learning.

Supervising class participation to ensure safe practices are followed.


2.  A safe and healthy environment

Providing a safe and healthy environment for all participants, visitors and workers.

Ensuring the identification and assessment of hazards in the Circus Hub and managing these to as low a risk of harm as is reasonably practicable

Ensuring that regular safety checks and maintenance are performed on all equipment

Ensuring adequate plans, procedures and training are in place to deal with all emergencies.

Class participants (and their family, whanau or caregivers): All course/class participants are responsible for ensuring their own safety and that of others by following The Circus Hub health and safety protocols and code of conduct. 

This includes:


Show respect for your trainer and your classmates.

This includes

  • Arriving for your class on time.

  • Being encouraging of others.

  • Not making fun of anyone.

  • Not arguing or fighting.

  • Not doing anything that could hurt someone else.


This includes  

  • Stopping an activity immediately when asked to do so.

  • Asking a trainer’s permission before entering the training space. No one is allowed on the floor until the trainer says it is ok.

  • Asking a trainer’s permission before using any equipment. No one is allowed to use any equipment until trainer says it is ok. d. Leaving a training area when asked.



  • Wear the right clothes  

  • Don’t wear any jewellery and cover any piercings that can’t be removed.

  • Only do activities you have been taught to do by the trainer.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if someone gets hurt (no matter how minor)

  • Cover any pre-existing cuts or open wounds.

  • Tell the trainer about any injuries, illness or condition you have that may limit your ability to do any activity.

  • Do not participate in activities if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.


  • Only using equipment for the purpose(s) it is intended for.

  • Always use the safety equipment that the trainer tells you to.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if any equipment gets damaged.

  • Stop and tell a trainer if anything looks dangerous (like it can hurt anyone), worn out or broken.

  • No food or drinks on the training floor.

  • No dogs or pets in the Hub.



In an emergency

The Circus Hub requires that everyone receive an orientation to the Hub which includes emergency procedures.

This is repeated at the start of every term, and for each single event such as parties and workshops.


In the event of a fire

Tell your trainer immediately - Activate the fire alarm - Follow the evacuation procedures (below) - Call 111

If the building alarm goes off and the Floor Safety Manager calls an evacuation

Stop all activities immediately - Do not pick up personal items - Leave the building via the main exit (use the other exit if the main exit cannot be used) - Go to the marshalling area in the top carpark and wait for the Floor Safety Manager’s instructions.


In an earthquake

Stop all activities immediately - Drop to the Floor - Cover your head with your arms - Hold onto anything solid if you can

In case of a serious injury:

Do no move the person - Tell your trainer immediately - Follow the Floor Safety Manager’s instructions


After a major event

The Circus Hub is structurally very sound in the event of an earthquake, and is not in expected zone for flooding or a tsunami.

In the event of a major natural disaster The Circus Hub is not equipped with provisions for any duration.  There is water in the tank, a radio and torch, and basic first aid materials.  We are not in a position to provide food or bedding.

All users of the space should have plans to make their way home, and families and caregivers should have plans to collect students attending classes.  

Our trainers/staff will remain at the hub until it is safe to leave.  If people are unable to return to their homes or make alternative arrangements for themselves they will directed to the nearest community emergency hub, which is Newtown School, 14 Mein Street Newtown.

A community-driven response plan for the Newtown/Berhampore community is currently being developed.

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