This Spring holiday, we will be running a modified timetable to manage our equipment during the 2 weeks of holidays. While we won't be able to offer tissus, hoop and trapeze classes, we added a few extra options for our aerialist students so you can stay active and make the most of the holidays!

Here's an overview of our new classes, or scroll down to view the full timetable. 

Birds, Boats and Fishes - creative workshops taught by Deborah Pope

Get involved in the very first exploration workshops for Awkward Productions' new project. Open to all levels, this will be a series of two movement and idea explorations. Lots of fun, for people with or without creative experience.

Available to book with your regular class credits.

Offered on Wednesday. Can be booked separately, but we recommend enrolling in both.

Intro to Rope
A perfect option for tissus students! Plenty of transferable skills so you won't feel like you're starting from scratch. Taught by Katelyn and offered on Monday and Thursday.

Prerequisite: being able to climb a tissus.

Dance Trapeze
This one is great for trapeze and hoop students to give it a go! Dance trapeze has a lot in common with both apparatuses, but opens up a whole new world of possibilities by using the floor and the long ropes for wraps and drops. Taught by Steph, on Wednesday.

Get Bendy!
​A fun stretching class for those of you who want to improve your overall flexibility. A great complement to your aerial class. And if you're after the full workout, sign up to a Circus Fit class just before! Taught by Regina (use your Circus Fit credit pack to book). Offered on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tissus - for people who have their own equipment
​for people who have their own equipment: a lot of you have purchased their own silks in the last year, so this class is for you! Taught by Jackson, open to all levels, on Thursday.

Spring 2021 Timetable.png