Circus Skills Term Classes​ for Adults

Aerials - Trapeze and Tissus (level 1 to 5)

Our progressive aerial classes are designed to build confidence and good fundamentals on fixed trapeze and tissus. Through a different selection of movements at each level, the students will learn to control their apparatus, build strength and improve their coordination, flexibility and flow.Level 1 and 2 combines both trapeze and tissus in each class. Starting from level 3, students are invited to specialize in one aerial discipline per course.It is essential to have completed the previous level and have the trainer’s approval before moving up to the next level

Duo Trapeze

Learn how to build a strong connection with your partner that will lead to performing impressive catches and surprising choreography. We will explore the endless possibilities that partner work offers, through both technical and artistic exercises. The class will help the partners develop their strengths to create unique movements and transitions.


Discover your flexibility potential by learning how to practice contortion safely. The students will go through all the basic positions for legs and back extensions, learn more about joints stability and active flexibility, as well as begin exploration to find their own personal style. 

Chinese Pole

Get an intense workout by learning the fundamentals to holding your body up on a vertical pole. The various climbs, hangs, tricks and slides in Chinese pole will develop your strength, coordination and flow.

You will need to bring:

- Soft, rubber soled shoes

- Jeans or other pants made with sturdy cotton fabric to protect your legs and help provide grip on the pole

- Long sleeve shirts are recommended to prevent burns.

Aerial hoop (lyra, level 1 to 3)

Come and learn the specific techniques of aerial hoop, including hangs, positions, strength and flexibility moves, spins and swings. 

Level 1 to 3 offered for term 3. Please send us an email if you are unsure of what level to enrol in describing your previous experience in sports and/or aerials. 

Adagio (Hand-to-hand)

Training in adagio (hand-to-hand) is a wonderful way to build trust in others and self-confidence. Students will learn to depend on each other and to allow them to support their body weight. Different types of skills will be explored throughout the term to build a wide repertoire of adagio movements in pairs and bigger group.

Hula Hoop

Re-visit this universal childhood classic and learn to hula-hoop. The class covers a wide range of skills including body hooping, manipulation, and dance using one or more hoops.  Hula hooping is a good way to develop coordination and body awareness in same time as it offers a good and fun alternative core fitness training.


Learning the art of handbalancing provides a great strength and precision training. The classes will teach how to achieve the right posture required to hold stable handstands. Students will learn several legs positions while balancing on their hands, heads or elbows. Balancing canes and stacking chairs will be introduced throughout the term.

Flexibility & Conditioning

This 1.5 hour class is a combination of conditioning exercises utilising body weight, therabands and aerial apparatus. It also involves a flexibility component which includes active stretching, passive stretching, and balance to get the body working towards a strong range of motion and prehabilitation. It is the perfect supplement to circus classes to get stronger and more flexible.

Dance Fusion for Circus

Through this class you will, gain a fundamental understanding of a fusion of ballet and contemporary dance techniques, developed body awareness and flow, and hopefully have fun and a bit of a workout. The class aims to tie in with aspects of a circus training, giving you tool and elements applicable to all aspects of physicality and performance.

Taught by currently second year  contemporary majors studying full time at the New Zealand School of Dance and long term performers. We both have an in depth knowledge of contemporary and ballet technique, as well as a great understanding of physicality and aspects of performance which we believe are applicable to a circus training. We are taught to use the floor effortlessly, and have full body awareness and flow, as well as developing our individual style and personality as performers.

Rainbow Squad

Each individual body does things differently, but we all thrive off of the endorphin rush that comes along with moving our bodies, the adrenaline upon trying something scary and new we didn't realise we were capable of. Circus allows us to come together to celebrate our differences alongside our similarities to move forward and explore new skills together, discovering what our bodies can do outside of gender, sexuality or presumptive spaces. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa!

Aerial Rope

Our progressive aerial classes are designed to build confidence and good fundamentals. 

This class focuses on aerial rope and the techniques involved in learning this aerial art.  

You must have completed at least level 2 aerials to be able to do this course.


Equilibristics is all about balance and posture. Whether you want to improve your form, control, body-awareness, focus, or become an amazing tight-wire walker, equilibristics has something to offer you! In class we will explore a range of balance apparatus (including tight wire, slack rope, walking globe and rola-bola.), functional movements and conditioning that will help you feel more balance and poise both at the hub and in your everyday life.

Students will get a taste of various skills with the option of focusing on their favourite as the term progresses.

Open to all levels. 

Act Creation & Development

Working on an act or would like help to create one ? Come to this course to learn how to develop an act or work on a performance.

Aerial Straps

Our progressive aerial classes are designed to build confidence and good fundamentals. 

This class focuses on aerial straps and the techniques involved in learning this aerial art.  

You must have completed at least level 2 aerials to be able to do this course.


This class is designed for students who are keen to gain knowledge of tumbling technique, acrobatics, balance, and spacial awareness in the air and on the ground.

It's open from beginner to intermediate level adults and teens.