We have a range of ways to book onto our regular classes.


The easiest and most efficient way is with our 'Mindbody' booking system.


Payment can then be made with your debit or credit card.  Alternatively, you may be able to make your payment via a regular bank transfer to the Circus Hub account.

Step 1

Set up a free profile on MindBody (the online booking system we use).

Step 2

Choose from the tabs at the top of the page, to Adults' Classes, Kids' Classes, Workshops, or the School Holiday Programme.

Step 3

Click the option to Enrol, into your choice of class or workshop.

Step 4

If there are spaces available, you'll be able to click through to the confirmation page, showing you all the dates. 

If you wish to enroll onto more than one class in a term, use the 'Continue Shopping' option at this point.

Step 5

You can then provide your credit or debit card details, to make your payment.

Please note:

Payments made online, normally take 2-3 days to be deducted from your account (even though it will show in your MindBody account as paid). If you do not have the funds in your bank account 2-3 days later, you may be charged a failed payment fee.


For payments made via MindBody & Ezidebit, there is a fee of 2.75% on the course fee, or $1.15, whichever is the greater.  This is the card processing charges by EziDebit, the debit/credit card company, and is not in our control.

This charge does not show when you book as it is not part of the course fee, but it will be deducted from your card when you pay for your class.


Payments will appear on your transaction statement, as Ezidebt Milford NZ.

Alternatively, you may wish to look at the other payment methods below.

Other payment methods

If you wish to make a payment via banking transfer instead of your credit or debit card, please appreciate there will be a delay in booking you onto the class or course, as these need to be manually configured.  Get in touch with the office info@circus.org.nz if you'd like this option. 

If you'd like to pay by instalments, there is a small admin fee to cover the direct additional costs of setting this up.  This is $9 per person, per course ($1 extra per class). 


You can either set up automatic payments into our bank account, or we can set it up so that regular payments come off your credit/debit card.  Please contact the office via email if you would like either of these options.   All payments must be  made promptly, on the dates agreed, and the whole fee must be paid in full at least a week before the term finishes.

Please note that any missed payments may incur an additional charge of at least $20 per missed payment, to cover costs of chasing up the late payment.

Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.  Please contact us directly to confirm your regular payment details. 

For your confirmation, our bank details are as follows:

  • Account name: Wellington Circus Trust  

  • ​Account Number: 38-9004-0580146-00.  

  • ​Please add the student name, day, and class type as the bank reference ie. "Jo Smith, Mon 7:30pm,  DuoTrapeze")

To book for someone else

If you wish to enrol someone else like a child, this can also be done via the Mindbody system.

Firstly, set up a free account profile for yourself (i.e. as a parent), and then add 'Family Members' during the sign up process, or under the 'My Info' tab.

When you follow the usual steps as above to enrol onto a class, at Step 4, you will have the option to book onto the class either yourself, or enrol someone else (i.e. your child).  You can then go to the payment page as normal.

Reviewing enrollment dates:

if you wish to review the class dates of each family member (i.e. your child), you will need to confirm a separate login with a unique email address for each account with MindBody, and then login as that user.  Alternatively, get in touch with the office to confirm what class(es) your child is booked into.

Vouchers and other savings

If you've purchased a gift voucher through GrabOne or similar, this voucher code can be entered on the final payment page.  That value will then be deducted from your payment total.

Multi-class savings

If you're booking for two or more Adult Courses at the Circus Hub, you can now add the Promotion Code 'multiclass' to your courses booked.  This will give you 5% off the price of each of your courses.

In other words:

  • Book one course (1x9 = 9 classes) at the normal rate of $225

  • Book two courses (2x9 = 18 classes), and get one class almost for free ($22.50 off the total price)​

Please note

This Promotional Code 'multiclass' must only be used when booking two or more courses for one adult.  It can't be used with any other offer, and may be withdrawn at any time.  The multiclass reduction only applies at time of booking and cannot be used if you've already booked.  

Fair use applies, and we reserve the right to also withdraw the use from people using this code in the way it was not intended.


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