We offer a range of circus classes for almost all ages and abilities.

(You may also be interested in our classes for young people)

We have five concurrent 9 week terms for adults, from and to the following dates:​​

  • Term 4 - 19th August

  • Term 5 - 21st October - 22nd December 2019

Circus term classes

We offer a wide range of speciality classes in every fields of circus arts (aerial, manipulation, acrobatics and balancing).

Check our timetables for what's available.

These skill based classes follow a progressive structure throughout the term, and therefore most classes are not available on a casual basis.

$225 per 9 week term.  [$200 where the term is 8 weeks due to public holidays, or $175 for a 7-week term.]


4 week taster to try all circus skills we teach.

$100 for 4 classes.  [Promotions prices may be available]


Circus skill one-off workshops 

Gives you and your friends an opportunity to try a specific circus skill.  Monthly programme, click here for upcoming workshops.

Some casual classes may be available

Some courses may have spare places that can be booked on a casual basis. These classes are listed under the 'casual classes' tab. Check our booking system to find out more.


Occasionally we have international performers coming through the Circus.  Grab the opportunity to learn from visiting professionals! Follow us on Facebook to find out about upcoming classes.


Private lessons

Book one-on-one time with one of our trainersFrom $70 per hour.

Not sure what class is right for you?  Email us with the skill you are interested in and your level of experience.

What to wear & bring

For most activities, clothing you'd normally wear to the gym is suitable.  So a T-shirt and shorts/leggings is normally good.

Please don't wear anything with zips or buckles, and these can snag on our equipment causing damage.  Similarly please keep jewellery to no more than simple stud earrings, removing all rings, necklaces, etc.

For some aerial activities and comfort, you may want long long sleeves or leg coverage, so leggings and/or yoga pants can be good.  For your first class shorts should be fine.

Please bring a re-usable water bottle, as you'll need to drink a lot of water during your exertion. 

Virtually all circus activities are with bare feet.

The only main exception with clothing is Chinese Pole, where you'll want long sleeves, long trousers, and suitable shoes (something like Deck shoes or trainers).

If you have any queries on any of this, please do let us know.  Most class descriptions on MindBody will specify particular requirements as appropriate.


From absolute beginner wanting to give it a go, to seriously hooked on circus, we have a class for you!



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