From absolute beginner wanting to give it a go, to seriously hooked on circus, we have a class for you!

Bookings are absolutely essential for classes, you cannot turn up for a class without a booking. 

$35 /class (casual)

$252 /term 

Classes offered this Summer:


- Hula hoop
- Contortion
- Tissus
- Trapeze

- Lyra

- Duo trapeze

- Adagio

- Rope

- Aerial Performance and musicality

What to wear & bring

Wear comfortable, fitted, stretchy clothes (such as a t-shirt/singlet, and shorts or leggings). It's a good idea to bring a long-sleeve top, and pants that covers the back of the knees for aerial classes.

Make sure there are no buttons, zips, buckles, or anything sharp on your clothes, and remove all jewellery.

For Chinese Pole, bring a pair of jeans, long sleeves, and shoes.

Don't forget to bring a water-bottle!

- Tumbling

- Hand balancing

- Straps

- Get your splits!

- CircusFit